My House Agreement

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A house agreement is a written agreement between individuals who live together in a shared accommodation. It lays down the rules and responsibilities that each member must follow. A house agreement might be necessary if you are renting a property, sharing a flat, or living with family members. It is a helpful tool that can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts from arising.

Here are some of the key items you might include in your house agreement:

1. Rent and bills: Outline how much rent and bills each person is responsible for paying and on what day of the month. Make it clear how you will handle any late payments or debt.

2. Cleaning: Set clear expectations for how often communal areas will be cleaned, who is responsible for cleaning them, and how you will handle any disputes over cleanliness.

3. Cooking and food sharing: Decide on policies around shared groceries, cooking, and eating. Will you share all groceries, or will each person be responsible for buying their own? How will you handle cooking responsibilities?

4. Overnight guests: Discuss how you will handle overnight guests and how long guests may stay. Establish standards for guest behavior, cleanliness, and privacy.

5. Quiet hours: Establish guidelines for quiet hours to ensure everyone gets enough rest and sleep. Consider setting hours for when music and other noise should be kept to a minimum, and what to do if the rules are violated.

6. Shared spaces: Establish guidelines for shared resources. For example, how will you handle shared laundry facilities, bathroom use, and storage space?

7. Conflict resolution: Discuss how you will handle conflicts that may arise. Establish ground rules for communication, mediation, and dispute resolution.

Remember to keep your agreement simple, clear, and enforceable. All members should read and sign the agreement, and you may want to keep a copy on file for future reference. With a clear house agreement in place, you can relax and enjoy your home with peace of mind.